The Marlinks team

Marlinks is a driven team dedicated to play its part in the renewable energy revolution by delivering disruptive sub-sea cable monitoring technology and services for the modern offshore asset owner. We’re a welcoming and curious bunch from all walks of life with a shared passion for offshore wind.

Roel Vanthillo

Co-founder & CEO

“I want to enable engineers to always know what’s going on inside and outside their cables at all times and to build a tool that would do just that.”

Katelijne Vervaet

Office Manager

“I love to bring order to the chaos. Time management is my middle name. When everything is well organized and planned, you can see me walking on cloud nine. Before or after office hours, i put my heart and soul into swimming, biking or running; always training for a triathlon or a swim run. Being outside in nature is when i feel the most alive, so my vegetable garden is my favorite place to unwind.”

Liesbeth De Baere

Sales manager

“My role at Marlinks is to ignite the conversation and make sure we always bring the best value with customer-centricity and integrity being the main drivers.”

Ruth Vandeputte

IT & Project Engineer

“I’m curious about programming and new technologies. Team spirit, brainstorming and meeting people give me energy. Passionated about water, I love to go swimming, diving or kayaking after office hours. Recently, I have also regained the pleasure of being on a theatre stage.”

Simon De Rijcke

Project Engineer

“I have gained substantial experience in the electrical design of turbines, farms, and grids including writing multiple academic articles in journals and conference proceedings and holding several patents. At present, I develop and apply DTS and DAS techniques to monitor submarine cables.”

Carlos Arboleda

Data Scientist
“Passionate about sediment transport, computational fluid mechanics and science in general, this team player aims to increase his scientific knowledge on the physical processes involved in cable safety. When not in front of a computer, he is not the one to say no to a social gatherings. Enjoys indoor as much as outdoors activities such as a good movie in the cinema or long hike with friends.”

Sander Van de Moortel

IT engineer

“I take care of the (front-end and back-end) development and deployment of the web applications while occasionally putting my linguistic and copy-writing skills at the disposal of the team.”

Andrew Lloyd

Business Developer UK

I have over 20 years’ experience working in the subsea cable industry ranging for engineering, project management through to leading installation and maintenance teams across the globe. More recently I have been more focused on business development, so I am excited to bring my knowledge and experience to Marlinks and work with the excellent team there to continue to develop and expand their business.

Iris Jiang

Business developer East-Asia

“I am interested in getting into dialogue with different types of subsea cable stakeholders on their current and future subsea cable challenges and as well look for solutions together.”

Jelle Desmet

Marketing Manager

“I am responsible for the wide world of marketing within Marlinks. Bringing our solutions to the right people in the market is what gives me energy.”

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