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Our Depth of Burial software (DOB) continuously calculates the burial depth of your cables based on the measured ampacity, distributed temperature of the cable and types of soil. This results in an overview of overall burial depth, adjustable alarms and historic analysis, all of which can be integrated in your SCADA system or made accessible through stand-alone software in a web browser.

For the calculation of the burial depth, we use models verified by lab-experiments and finite element analysis. Furthermore, we take all the relevant parameters into account such as thermal
properties from the cable, soil properties and seawater temperature to accurately calculate the
burial depth.

Depth of Burial monitoring

Our Depth of Burial (DoB) dashboard visualises following parameters:

Depth graph: Visually inspect the burial depth of every meter of your cable. Toggle easily between depth of burial and absolute cable and seabed depth.

Cable map: Hover over the graph to see the exact location on the map. Similarly, hover on the map to see the burial depth of this point on the cable.

Depth over time: Select a point on the graph or map and see how the burial depth of this point evolved over time, based on Marlinks’ depth of burial calculations and survey data.

Benefits of our software and services

Continuous alert system

Continuous depth of burial calculation has a clear advantage over periodic survey snapshots. If a storm dislodged your cable from the seabed, periodic surveys may take years to produce the evidence. With Marlinks’ continuous depth monitoring, you will have received an alert within mere minutes.

Our dashboard furthermore also allows you to quickly pull a list of all sections of cable that are at risk of getting unburied and view each stretch on the map. You are able to alter the thresholds and granularity according to your risk appetite. You can download the custom reports at the click of a button for further distribution to relevant stakeholders within your company.

Plug and play

Marlinks cable monitoring integrates readily with your operational systems. This means all depth survey and calculation data are stored in a central location for you to evaluate. When something is amiss, we automatically and instantly notify your existing alarm systems so no time is lost in remedying the situation.

From data to actionable insights

 What sets our Depth of Burial software and services apart, is the fact that we take the data and turn it into actionable insights. Apart from a visual and user friendly dashboard and an adaptive alert system, we also have experts ready to assist you in the in depth analysis of the data.

 Depending on your needs, our experts can send you monthly or quarterly executive reports elaborating on past cable events, risks, quality data checks and recommendations for the future.



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