Marlinks and our parent company Fluves are happy to announce the investment of Virya Energy, the energy holding group of Colruyt group and Korys, resulting in a minority share in Fluves and Marlinks.

A steady and organic growth in the past years has allowed us to continuously optimize its product portfolio resulting in a clear and strong positioning in the Belgian and European market. Yet, with internationalisation in mind and the rapid growth of the offshore wind industry globally, the management welcomes its first significant external investment which will allow Marlinks to accelerate its growth ambitions.

“With the investment of Virya Energy in Fluves we take a major step in the growth strategy of our company, allowing us to dedicate more resources to focus on international growth and product innovation. The investment will mainly be dedicated to expand and further professionalize the sales and marketing efforts of both Fluves and Marlinks.” [Thomas Van Hoestenberghe & Roel Vanthillo, founders Fluves and Marlinks]

Why Virya Energy?

The choice for Virya Energy was a natural one backed by several years of successful collaboration between us and Parkwind (100% owned by Virya Energy).

With this investment, Virya adds yet another innovative technology provider active in renewables to its expanding energy service portfolio. Virya Energy is convinced that the technology solutions offered by Fluves and Marlinks perfectly fit within the strategic ambitions of Virya Energy and strengthen its unique positionin the rapidly evolving renewable energy industry.

“The arrival of Fluves and Marlinks in the Virya Energy portfolio allows us to build an attractive and technologically advanced service offering that enables renewable energy developers and operators to significantly reduce the risks linked to critical infrastructure failures. Our existing relationship made us confident to grow this partnership and expand this unique technology and applications to the broader industry.“ [Paul Tummers, CEO Virya Energy]

About Virya Energy

Virya Energy is active in the development, financing, construction and operation of renewable energy sources. Established at the end of 2019 by the Colruyt Group and its majority shareholder Korys, Virya Energy today owns 100% stakes in Parkwind, Eurowatt, Eoly Energy and Sanchore. Virya Energy is set to further develop renewable energy generation capacities and deliver services across the full value chain of sustainable energy solutions including storage. Based in Belgium, Virya Energy and its subsidiaries own and operate over 1 GW of green energy production capacity globally and are active in numerous green hydrogen initiatives.