Marlinks sets sights on Taiwan

As the world’s fastest-growing cable-monitoring company, Marlinks is eager to play a role in the rapidly expanding offshore wind market in Taiwan. Marlinks’ newly appointed Brand Ambassador Peko Ku will be doing much of the legwork.


Taiwan is naturally attractive to the offshore wind industry. The Taiwan Strait is home to some of the planet’s highest wind speeds, and there is very building space for onshore wind. But the island nation has more tricks up its sleeve, says Peko.

“Highly varying seabed depths allow the construction of fixed as well as floating wind farms,” she explains. These offer exciting new opportunities for cable and balance of plant monitoring.

The economic conditions are also right. “Taiwan has a modern and able workforce and its dense population, high-tech industry and ubiquitous air-con units make Taiwan a power-hungry nation that relies mostly on the world’s largest coal plant and three nuclear facilities. The public is wary of air pollution and has voted to ban a fourth nuke plant after the disaster at Fukushima. The road is open to renewables.”

About Peko Ku


Peko holds degrees in Business Economics from University of California Santa Barbara and University of California San Diego and has been active in offshore wind since 2014, employed by various key players such as Swancor, EnBW and Yushan Energy. Fitting for a true Brand Ambassador, Peko is competent in both Mandarin Chinese and English.

Expect to hear more from Peko soon or reach her directly via peko.ku@marlinks.com.

Marlinks are thus delighted to announce the appointment of Andy Readyhough as their UK Brand Ambassador. Andy will provide advisory services to Marlinks and act as a brand champion for the Marlinks brand and service lines.
Andy has extensive experience of the subsea power cable industry sector from initial involvement in the Offshore Wind Farm development in 2005 through to the present day requirements for far offshore windfarms and high voltage interconnector development. He is a Master Mariner with over 33 year’s maritime experience from a variety of offshore industries including the past 20 years engaged in submarine cable installation, trenching and maintenance operations initially in roles offshore culminating in Captain or Offshore Manager of cable vessels before transferring to shore-based senior management roles within Operations and Business Development Management for the submarine cable installation and maintenance industry.

Andy Readyhough

UK Brand Ambassador

In Andy’s own words: “I’m equally delighted to be appointed in the role for Marlinks and look forward to working with the team in promoting and supporting the company in its business development of their exciting technology and decision support services that will benefit the subsea power cable sector in the long term.”