Marlinks Platform

Continuous sub-sea power cable monitoring


Continuously monitor core temperature
and see how it behaves under load

Depth of burial

Always know how deep your cables are buried rather than relying on periodic surveys


Our software lets you create custom reports that save you and your team’s valuable time


Marlinks analyses your data automatically,
offering decision support when you need it


Marlinks alerts whenever it detects
something that requires your attention


Easily forecast maximum output
at any given time

What happens in the cable, needn’t stay in the cable

Enable your people and organization to keep risk at a constant low and save costs with our decision-support software by continuously monitoring, analysing and guarding your sub-sea power cables.


RTTR (Real Time Theral Rating), also known as DCR (Dynamic Cable Rating) continuously calculates core temperature using current and historic load, various thermal conditions and other parameters.


Depth of burial

Our Depth of Burial (DoB) software continuously calculates the burial depth of your export and inter-array cables using the ampacity of the cable, distributed temperature measurements and the various types of soil the cable traverses. We let you analyse trends and provide a customizable view on the parts of the cable most at risk. This intelligence can be integrated in your SCADA-system and is accessible via a web-based software application.


Receive monthly executive reports, composed using our calculations and double-checked by our engineers. We highlight trends and summarize what happened inside and outside your cables. Of course, our software also lets you extract custom reports at any time that will save you and your teams loads of time.


Marlinks is always analysing your data for you, offering you active decision support. A combination of Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) and Depth Of Burial (DoB) reveals what’s going on inside and outside the cable at all times. See evolutions over time and compare various dimensions of your data – at each point of each cable. Marlinks makes it easy to make sense of your data.


Cable getting unstuck? Temperature too high? When Marlinks spots a threat it immediately sends out alerts so you can avoid further escalation and carefully plan a remediation. The software integrates readily with your existing SCADA system or management platforms.


Ever wonder how far your cables can go? Marlinks tools let you play out various scenarios of load, temperature and cable conditions to help you forecast the maximal output at any given time without risking damage to your cables.

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