Continuous sub-sea power cable monitoring

Reporting & analytics

Monitors and guards offshore power cables by continuously calculating and analysing the Depth of Burial and Real Time Thermal Rating.

Better response time

Completely outclasses traditional survey-based monitoring with higher frequency, greater reliability and lower cost.

Updates & alerts

Get instant, real-time updates of your cables’ burial depth and temperature and always stay up-to-date and informed of evolutions.


All you need is a DTS device, commonly present at operational wind farms. Marlinks can help you select and set up your own.


Responding to cable failures before they occur saves a lot of money, a lot of time and a whole lot of sorrow and trouble.

Let data support your decisions

How to make sense of all that monitoring data? How can you use it in your favor? Marlinks offers a centralized way of monitoring and managing your sub-sea power cables. Our software empowers customers to always know what’s going with their cables and offers real-time insights on which to base decisions.

Real-time updates and alerts

Get instant, real-time updates on your cables and their burial depth. Through your SCADA, management platform or directly to your mailbox.

Faster response time

Marlinks is more reliable and offers insights far more frequently than traditional survey-based monitoring techniques could. At a fraction of the price.

Risk reduction

Threat alerts and the ability to respond to cable failures before they occur will save you a lot of repairs and replacements, not to mention the loss of income and hair.

Low threshold

Getting started with Marlinks is easy. All you need is a DTS device, which is commonly installed at operational windfarms or included in tenders of projects that are still in development. Marlinks happily helps you choose and set yours up.


Why Marlinks

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Complete decision support platform

Real-time and reliable insight and analytics inside and outside your cables


Wield your cable data like never before and turn it into actionable insights, alerts & analytics.

Easy-to-use interface

Marlinks is built for its users and enables them to easily gain detailed insights at the click of a mouse.

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