The ROI of Marlinks

Driving smart decisions
that save money and time

Empower your operations and maintenance teams
with accurate insights and active decision support software.




Reduced cable
insurance fees


response time


Lower cost
of O&M

Extended cable


Marlinks has your back

Marlinks is constantly watching your cables for you and lets you know when it is time to take action. We readily connect to your SCADA system or monitoring platform – or even send you an e-mail when something doesn’t seem quite right. Marlinks really has your back.

Marlinks saves time

Marlinks turns cable data into actionable insights and shows you what requires attention at a glance. The reports our engineers generate and double-check for you and the software’s customizable reporting features will save you and your engineering teams hours and hours of time. When something goes wrong, our automatic alerts make sure no valuable time is wasted.

Marlinks reduces insurance fees

Reduced risk means reduced insurance fees. Proven risk reduction over the total lifecycle of the wind farm will help in building a reduced insurance payments scheme with your insurer. While Marlinks is not a replacement for good O&M, we have the cable monitoring part covered.

Marlinks reduces response time

Monitoring your cables 24/7, Marlinks software’s early warning system decreases your response time from weeks or even months to mere minutes. Expensive and infrequent surveys simply cannot compete with the power of real-time monitoring.

Marlinks saves on O&M

Up-to-date cable insights and timely alerts help you optimize your operations and maintenance. Since wind farm O&M is expensive, being able to carefully plan your repair and reburial campaigns will strongly affect your bottom line.

Marlinks extends cable life

Marlinks increases the lifespan of your cables by multiple years by better managing risk and allowing you to rapidly identify and respond to threats immediately. Maximize your daily output while also extending cable life with our insights in temperatures, load, depth of burial and – in the near future – strain and bending, partial discharge and other possible events.

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