Temperature alerts

Quickly pull a list of sections of cable where the temperature exceeds a given threshold. Alter the thresholds and granularity to generate and download custom temperature reports at the click of a button. Go back in time and see what the temperature and load were when you weren’t looking.

RTTR simulation

Define your circumstances in terms of load and time, and instantly get a visual forecast of how hot your cable will get under current or worst-case conditions. Export the results for inclusion in presentations.

Historic temperature

Make sense of the wealth of temperature data and analyse historic cable temperature – for the entire cable or just a few selected locations. As always, zoom in and out of the graph to inspect the cable in detail.

Extend cable life

With accurate historical temperature and load data at your fingertips, you have all the tools available to ensure long-term cable integrity and extend your cables’ lifespan.

Maximize efficiency

Real-time core temperature calculations make it kid’s play to plan cable overloading and allow you to safely minimize the curtailing of wind turbine generators.


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