Continuous sub-sea power cable monitoring

Reporting & analytics

Monitors and guards offshore power cables by continuously calculating and analysing the Depth of Burial and Real Time Thermal Rating.

Better response time

Completely outclasses traditional survey-based monitoring with higher frequency, greater reliability and lower cost.

Updates & alerts

Get instant, real-time updates of your cables’ burial depth and temperature and always stay up-to-date and informed of evolutions.


All you need is a DTS device, commonly present at operational wind farms. Marlinks can help you select and set up your own.


Responding to cable failures before they occur saves a lot of money, a lot of time and a whole lot of sorrow and trouble.

Let data support your decisions

How to make sense of all that monitoring data? How can you use it in your favor? Marlinks offers a centralized way of monitoring and managing your sub-sea power cables. Our software empowers customers to always know what’s going with their cables and offers real-time insights on which to base decisions.

Why Marlinks

Complete decision support platform

Real-time and reliable insight and analytics inside and outside your cables


Wield your cable data like never before and turn it into actionable insights, alerts & analytics.

Easy-to-use interface

Marlinks is built for its users and enables them to easily gain detailed insights at the click of a mouse.

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