Typhoon season in Asia  

While in Europe we are encountering severe drought issues, in the East Asian region the opposite is happening, namely typhoon season. Luckily it has been a rather calm typhoon year, but did you know that typhoons can technically cause waves as high as ten to twenty meters? This is sufficient to sink a vessel on sea. The high wind intensity and rainfall during a typhoon make it very difficult to perform any maintenance or construction work offshore. What we propose at Marlinks is a two-step approach to protect your critical cable assets against typhoons:

  1. DTS technology assists in measuring the depth of cables on a continuous base, allowing the O&M team to plan any maintenance work upfront of delay it after typhoons have passed.
  2. Using DAS technology we can measure the impact of typhoons on the subsea cables. Our post-event analysis and reporting provides you with an overview on the impact that your subsea cables have endured during the typhoon and whether any cable risk thresholds have been surpassed during this event.

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