Webinar: Cable Exposure Service

Thursday 20 September 2022 – 1 PM CET
Online webinar                         
About the webinar

Discover why cable exposure monitoring is essential for your business and subsea cables.

In this free webinar Marlinks provides actionable insights into cable exposure monitoring by means of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology.

Get more insights on the industry’s latest challenges with regards to cable exposures and join the discussion.

You can expect an interactive webinar describing the most relevant information allowing you to add value and meaningful insights rather than just generate data output.


  • What’s the fuzz about? Why should you monitor your cable systems against exposure?
  • What is monitored ?

Which output can you expect?

  • Cases and results.
  • Q&A

More details about the outline will be available soon.


Simon De Rijcke – Marlinks (LinkedIn)

Function: Project Lead

Simon graduated with a Master of Science from the university of Leuven as an electrical engineer in 2009. He continued his academical career and obtained a PhD in 2014 on grid integration of wind farms, focusing on the optimal use of kinetic energy in wind turbines to control the power output. From 2014 to 2020, he worked for Nordex-Acciona, a wind turbine OEM and ENGIE Laborelec. Simon has gained substantial experience in the electrical design of turbines, farms, and grids. He co-designed and developed the next generation of turbines and has written several control algorithms running on hundreds of turbines in the field. He has written multiple academic articles in journals and conference proceedings and holds several patents. At present, he fulfills the role of project lead at Marlinks, developing and applying DTS and DAS techniques to monitor submarine cables.

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