Reduce O&M costs by continuously monitoring your power cables

Thursday 8 December 2022 – 4 PM GMT +8                        
About the webinar

Why continuously monitoring your submarine power cables is critical for East Asia.

In this free and live webinar Marlinks provides actionable insights into why it is important to continuously monitor submarine power cables in East Asian offshore wind farms by means of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology.

The offshore wind industry in East Asia is currently under pressure because of the high risks it involves. Typhoons and the dynamic seabed are a major threat to offshore wind energy projects. With the Marlinks services we can continuously monitor the submarine cables that allows us to closely watch the health of the cables and send out alerts when damage may appear. For example, with our Depth of Burial and Cable Exposure services.

Get more insights on the industry’s latest challenges and join the discussion. You can expect an interactive webinar describing the most relevant information allowing you to add value and meaningful insights rather than just generate data output.


  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Marlinks
  • Why is preventive maintenance of your subsea power cables critical?
  • Always be aware of the burial depth of your submarine power cable
  • Monitor the health of your Cable Protection Systems (CPS) through DAS
  • Case study: Reburial campaign assessment and validation of our Depth of Burial technology
  • Q&A


Webinar host: Iris Jiang – Marlinks (LinkedIn)

Function: Business Developer East Asia

Iris is passionate about innovation and how technology can assist the transition to a carbon neutral society. In her current role as a Business Developer East Asia, she hopes to provide clients and stakeholders a carbon limited, H&S risks limited, vessel limited alternative to how to keep their subsea cables safe. Iris studied environmental engineering and has a background in consultancy.

Main speaker: Roel Vanthillo – Marlinks (LinkedIn)

Function: Chief Executing Officer (CEO)

With a master degree in engineering, experiences in the fascinating world of offshore & renewables industry, and a passion for mathematics and analytics, Roel is at his best at the crossroads of innovative technology and strategic finance. The most rewarding moments for Roel are when a challenging & innovative project runs smoothly to the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved.

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